Kunal R. Bhavsar


Kunal Bhavsar is an aspiring MBA graduate. He describes himself as a competitive, easy-going individual who is passionate about everything that he does. In the last decade, he has worked at different professional levels with executives, lawyers, doctors, and, celebrities. He carries an eagerness to know about "How things work?" After earning his BS in Electrical Engineering from Mumbai University in 2014-15, he launched a start-up in Nov. 2014 dedicated to providing virtual assistance to the companies worldwide. He started pursuing his MBA at Chico State in 2017 to add an extra edge in his skillsets. Working in harmony with people, discovering unique qualities in individuals, and performing the in-depth analysis are his core strengths. He also finds interest in accumulating information, ideas, and artifacts. 2018 was an excellent year for him where he traveled and met many dignitaries from Silicon Valley. A short recap of that includes his meetings with politicians CEOs of companies. He has a good command in English, Marathi, Hindi, and, Spanish. He is a co-founder of MyFace.photos. His dream position after his graduation is to work as a business analyst. He is currently working on gaining more experience in SAP, R language, Python, SPSS, JSON, and, JS. In his spare time, he loves traveling and visiting different cities cities. His interests include trekking and visiting beaches. He likes to watch non-fictional movies. He is fond of intellectual conversations. He loves getting asked a lot of questions. He enjoys socializing and meeting different people from different parts of the world. (LinkedIn.) See https://myface.photos.