Committed to preserving the nature and combating pollution issues through environmental care, Mouhamadou Lamine Basse is a 3rd year student in Project Management at the African Center of Higher Studies in Management (CESAG), Communication Manager of English Lovers Awards, founder of VOLENS (Volunteers of the Environment of Senegal) and young Entrepreneur from Senegal, West Africa. Additionally he is a motivational coach and a passionate of President Barack Obama?s speeches and leadership that still inspires him for the writing of his upcoming first book. BASSE is also co-founder of Afr?Oz Consulting, a company that evolves in the marketing and strategic business development field, that allows him to be awarded the best startup 2016. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcom X, Barack Obama and Simon Sinek are his source of inspiration. Apart from that, he really enjoy playing basketball, photography, public speaking and american cuisine.

Year: 2018
Season: Spring
Group ID: 3

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