I am Benjamin Sedem Afetornu a third year student at Ghana Technology University College, I?m 20 years. I come from Abutia a small town in the Volta region of Ghana. Dr. Charles Afetornu and Mrs. Joyce Afetornu are the names of my parents. I have four siblings and I?m the youngest amongst the boys. I?m 175 centimetres in height and my body mass is about 75 kilograms. I?m a very candid person, if and when a problem is put before me I like to finish it before anything else. I don?t like laziness so I try as much as possible to get something doing. My hobbies are listening to music as a matter of fact I?m part of my church choir, watching IT related videos and reading Christian books.

Year: 2018
Season: Spring
Group ID: 3

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